About Us

MM BUSINESS CONSULT is a site of the consulting organization established in 2010.

Our goal is to effectively assist in the development and growth of business organizations and public sector organizations by providing expert support to improve their competitiveness and improve management practices.

Our team offers its clients quality consulting services in the following areas:

  1. Development, implementation and maintenance of management systems according to international standards
  2. Conducting internal audits of management systems required under the standard ISO 19011:2004.
  3. Assistance and advice on application and implementation of projects within the grant:
  4. Services in the IT sector:
    • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Windows, Linux and Unix based servers and workstations.
    • Installation, configuration and maintenance of network equipment like switches and routers, including the building of network solutions based on Open Source software.
    • Optimization of existing networks.
    • Construction and maintenance of web sites, with ready systems for content management and the creation of a unique system for managing content according to customer needs. Construction of internal information portals, inventory systems and others.
    • Construction and maintenance of databases for customer needs.
    • Building software applications according to customer needs.
    • Preparation of strategy and migration of existing infrastructure to newer machines or software applications.
    • Preparation and implementation of backup strategies.
    • Preparation and implementation of strategies to protect customer data.
    • Maintenance of existing servers, applications, websites or network equipment.
    • Training staff to work with new or existing systems.


Manager: Maya Mihailova
E-mail: mm.businessconsult @ gmail.com
Phones: +359 889 300 103; +359 878 428 047